felije MENU Generative Chair Tool type medium year open design web application 2023 INTRO This tool provides a generative approach of designing furniture. A set of algorithmic rules defines the appearance of a chair, which can be build by oneself with standardized and widely available materials. The tool can be found here.  IMPRESSIONS

Comfort Zone

felije MENU Comfort Zone type gallery year exhibition CIVA Brussels 2023 INTRO COMFORT ZONE is an urgent and thought-provoking spatial installation designed to challenge our perceptions of warmth and comfort in the context of our evolving climate. The installation delves into the unsustainable duality of energy production and consumption that’s pushing our planet to the […]

Planetary Boundaries Installation

felije MENU Planetary Boundaries Installation type place year installation Copenhagen 2023 INTRO As a part of an exhibition about translating environmental data into objects, this installation served as an interactive element to enable the visitors to browse through the data and the respective artifacts. With three physical buttons, the user can select a boundary, a […]


felije MENU jōshy – LOL, was mach ich eigentlich type artist year 3D motion graphics jōshy 2023 INTRO Instead of music videos, the artist jōshy decided to make a short movie for his album “LOL, was mach ich eigentlich”, produced by Kraempus. The movie consists of four distinctive parts, each portraying a certain phase […]

Planetary Boundaries Exhibition

felije MENU Planetary Boundaries Exhibition type gallery year exhibition Fragile studio 2023 INTRO I was invited by the danish studio Fragile to exhibit my Planetary Boundaries project for the first time in its physical form in their gallery space in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The aim of this project is to make scientific data literally graspable by […]

Pose MIDI Controller

felije MENU Pose MIDI controller type technique year installation JS coding 2019 INTRO This project aims to bridge the areas of music creation, physical movement and its graphic visualization, by utilizing the machine learning model PoseNet to control the music software via gestures and body motion. Depending on the position of the nose, arms, and […]

Wiener Würstelstand

felije MENU Wiener Würstelstand Filter client technique year Wiener Würstelstand AR Filter 2019 INTRO For the Wiener Würstelstand I created three Instagram filters used as a playful marketing tool to represent the brand and its new delivery service.  FILTER


felije MENU BaroXmedia type venue third exhibition Stift Melk 2021 INTRO As a part of the yearly baroque festival, our Master program of Experimental Media was invited to interpret the ornate Sommersakristei of the Stift Melk in various digital ways in VR. I created a virtual exhibition room for AI generated paintings, which were made […]

Rana Europea – Crying for the future

felije MENU Rana Europea – Crying for the future client technique year KÖR 3D design 2022 INTRO For a closed competition announced by KÖR, I collaborated with Katrin Hornek and Johanna Tinzl, who were invited to create an artistic installation for the newly designed Europaplatz in St.Pölten.​ Their idea was to create a sculpture of […]

Planetary Boundaries

felije MENU Physicalisation of the Planetary Boundaries type technique year art project generative design 2022 INTRO Based on the concept of the planetary boundaries by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the aim of this project was to make the raw environmental data behind the framework more graspable by converting it into physical, every-day objects, to enable […]